Nairobi Coffee Exchange
Nairobi Coffee Exchange

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The Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) is the central coffee auction which is the trading floor for Kenyan coffee. It is a non-profit organization regulated by the government. 

The role of the Nairobi Coffee Exchange is to provide a platform where buyers and sellers can come together to trade coffee in a transparent and efficient manner. The exchange provides a central location where buyers can inspect and sample coffee before purchasing it, and where sellers can present their coffee for sale to a wide range of buyers.

Experience Kenya's Extraordinary Coffee

Kenya's location along the Equator provides a climate that is ideally suited for growing coffee. The Kenyan landscapes are dominated by Arabica type, accounting for 99%, The deep fertile volcanic soils and well-drained at high elevations are especially suited for the Arabica coffee typically produced from 1220 meters above sea level. These soils are also acidic, with a pH between 5.3 and 6.0. 

It’s a matter of taste.... & aroma. Explore & experience Kenyan coffee!


Nairobi Coffee Exchange

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Some of the international networks, local partners and associations we are proud to work with.

Market Access - Auction & Trading

Upcoming Sales

Nairobi Coffee Exchange

Coffee for sale will be catalogued by the Marketing Agent and offered for sale at the auction. All the next sales’ catalogue can be downloaded here.

Market Reports & Transaction Listing

Nairobi Coffee Exchange

Get to see the weekly auction results after every auction has happened. These reports and transactions are final and not subject to any changes.


Trading Portal

Nairobi Coffee Exchange

A web-based trading platform. It enables trading companies to participate in the coffee auction remotely from the comfort of their offices, homes and even outside the country.


Upcoming Events

Events Schedule

Events, coffee education and sensitization programmes are at the heart of our strategy. Dive in and check out our extensive initiatives, events and programmes that revolves around coffee within teh local market and the international scene. Enjoy.


Nairobi Coffee Exchange

19th AFCA Conference and Exhibition

15th February 2023 - 17th February 2023 Free entry

9-10Feb 2023

Nairobi Coffee Exchange

Delan Ruiru Coffee Fair ( Cabrio )

Kenya Coffee Research Institute - Kiambu
February 9-10, 2023 - 09:00 AM Kshs 100 Only Per Person

13-14Feb 2023

Nairobi Coffee Exchange

World Coffee Producers Forum

13th February 2023 - 14th February 2023 #WorldCoffee

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